Smart Force [Work Force Tracking System]

We are Triocodes Technologies Private Limited

Now a days, one of the major problems facing by the organizations which are focused in field staff business is their management. Even though the technology has emerged into its peck, still many of the organizations are struggling to track the sales force functionalities such as attendance, travelling expenses, client meetings etc.

We, TRIOCODES TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD now introducing a perfect solution for the above headaches for any kind of organizations who are building their business with men in field. Using this system, the management can monitor the attendance of employees with location (where he/she located), who all are the clients he is meeting etc with geographical location and time.

How does it Work ?

Smart Force is a smart phone based real time data capturing application pin pointing the location address using phone`s GPS. Simply, Install Smart Force application on the smart phone you want to collect instant data or want to track. From then on, your admin can use a web application to allocate work task and locate the current position.

Features of Smart Force

Smart Force app installed in GPS enabled Android of the field sales or any on field staff which silently works in background and sends information to the central server.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Punch attendance from mobile.
  • Customized Forms to capture & send business related information instantly.
  • Get daily assignment.
  • Add Places on map & mark.
  • Integrate with CRM
    • Smart Force [Work Force Tracking System]